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For those of you who are looking for peacock posters and peacock feathers posters, here are some of the best ones I found, with links to where you can order. Just click on a picture if you want to order one.

Beautiful peacock feathers

Just some pictures of peacock feathers that I find very beautiful.

The Peacock Constellation

Name: The Peacock

Scientific Name: Pavo

Observed in: The Southern Hemisphere

Constituent nebulae, star clusters, fixed stars: Peacock (Alpha star)/NGC6752 (Globular cluster).
Best season for observation: Fall (20:00 meridian:early September) 

This constellation was named after the spectacularly plumaged peacock. It was first presented to us by German, Johann Bayer, in the beginning of the 17th century. The brightest second-magnitude star 'Peacock' forms the head of 'The Peacock'.
Pavo got its name peacock from a greek legend. There was once a giant with 100 eyes named Argus. When Argus was killed by Heremes, Hera put Argus's many eyes on the tail of her peacock. Now the stars on Pavo represent Argus's many eyes.
In Australia, part of Pavo is sometimes called "the Saucepan" when it is used as a guide to finding the south by the stars.

How to find the Peacock Constellation

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