A White Peacock? Absolutely stunning pictures!

Peacocks are amazing birds normally - but take one that is totally white all over - that's something pretty unique. Some beautiful pictures!

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Anonymous said...

Those are not albinos. White peacocks are just a colour form of peacock. They are very common. Albinos have pink eyes and are due to a specific mutation that prevents production of melanin.

Calling them albino is misleading people.

This page explains about white peacocks http://www.messybeast.com/albinism/alb-peacock.htm

Anonymous said...

That is a White Peacock, not an albino one. Is everything white albino?!

Anonymous said...

are you retarded? albinism is the lack of the production of melanin due to genetic mutations. therefore this IS in fact an albinic peacock. and yes the word albino was derived from the term albus meaning white. so before you post your shitty comments how about you think about what ur gonna say .. pfffft. :|