Peacock calling - Pavo cristatus


Indian Blue Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) also known as Blue Peacock, is the national bird of India. The male (peacock) has beautiful iridescent blue-green or green coloured plumage. The so-called "tail" of the peacock, also termed the "train," is in fact not the true tail but highly elongated upper tail coverts. The train feathers have a series of eyes that are best seen when the tail is fanned. This movie also gives a rear view of an Indian Blue Peacock's tail feathers.

Peafowl (both cock and hen) have a head crest.

The female (peahen) has a mixture of dull green, brown, and grey in her plumage. She lacks the long tail of the male but has a crest.

Mating season starts in the early Spring and ends in the early Autumn. The peacock's courtship rituals include the display of its startling plumage and a loud call. Recent studies have shown that both the frequency and quality of sexual plumage displays by males are reliable indicators of the health status of an individual.

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